If desired, we can also perform treatments under general anaesthetic

It’s important for us to make treatment as pleasant as possible for our patients, which is why, in certain cases, our practice offers treatment under general anaesthetic – especially for extensive dental restoration or when all four wisdom teeth are being removed. Patients with a fear of dentists often opt for general anaesthetic, as they feel much more comfortable if they don’t have to be conscious for more extensive treatments.

We work with an experienced team of anesthetists

In addition to the treating dentist, an anaesthetist is of course also present during appointments involving general anaesthetic. The patient is prepared by being thoroughly informed of the process and potential risks, and also needs to be examined by their GP. If the GP doesn’t find any health issues, we can go ahead and book an appointment. The anaesthetist will call you the day before, clarifying any further questions and asking you to be fully sober when you arrive for treatment. The treatment is performed at our dental practice. After the procedure, during which you will be fast asleep, you’ll have time to gently come to. Once you feel fit enough, you’ll be allowed to go home, accompanied by a trusted friend or family member.

Got questions about dental treatments performed under general anaesthetic? We’ll be glad to assist you further.