In-office bleaching with Philips ZOOM!

Pearly white teeth in just one hour with LED lights

Healthy white teeth. Not necessarily something we pay attention to specifically, but we notice immediately when someone doesn’t have them! A brilliant smile plays a big role in how positively someone comes across. In recent years, awareness for fact that white teeth make our smile even nicer has increased. Every chemist’s shop now sells tooth-whitening creams or DIY bleaching kits with splints and gels. Unfortunately, these measures are neither particularly effective nor long-lasting. It’s a different story for the procedure we offer at our dental practice. Under professional supervision, you’ll undergo light-activated tooth-whitening, and after just one hour you will leave the practice with noticeably whiter teeth.

The result: teeth up to 8 shades lighter for three years

Our practice uses the Philips ZOOM! process, which is extremely fast and effective, but also very gentle on the teeth. It’s a professional tooth-whitening method that can only be performed at the dentist’s, because whitening gels with these concentrations may only be used under expert supervision, and are therefore not available off the shelf. Combined with a special LED light, the whitening result is much greater than anything you could achieve at home. And the treatment only lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours, achieving a result up to eight shades lighter which, with good dental hygiene and care, can last for three years or more.

Why LED lights for tooth-whitening?

Blue LED lights increase the effect of the whitening gel that has been applied to the teeth. A much better result is achieved in a much shorter time compared to treatments not using light. The LED light stimulates the pigment molecules, accelerating the bleaching process. The result of this perfect combination of blue light and special whitening gel is visible immediately after treatment. You’ll be amazed!

What is the process?

1. Professional teeth cleaning:
Teeth should be professionally cleaned at the practice about two weeks prior to bleaching. This prepares them perfectly for whitening. We will be glad to arrange a professional cleaning appointment for you.

2. Tooth colour determined/“Before” photo taken:
At your bleaching appointment, we will first determine your current tooth colour and (if it’s ok with you) take a “before” photo.

3. Preparation:
The lips and gums are covered.

4. Whitening gel applied:
The mild gel will be carefully spread over your teeth.

5. First phase of LED light exposure:
The LED light is positioned in front of your mouth and is shone on your teeth for 15 minutes.

6. Additional phases of LED light exposure:
The process is repeated three to four times as needed.

7. Result:
The treatment is over after about an hour, and the desired result is immediately visible.

8. “After” photo:
We will gladly take an “after” photo so you can see a direct comparison.

9. Bright white teeth:
You’ll leave the practice with a “Hollywood smile”, and will no doubt amaze your family and friends.

Got further questions about in-office bleaching or want to book an appointment? Just give us a call! We’ll be glad to assist!