Cerec 3D

Completely natural-looking dental prostheses thanks to innovative technology

Whenever dental treatment is required, the final product should not only function like a natural, healthy tooth, it should look like one too. All patients want their dental prostheses to go unnoticed as much as possible – in other words, they don’t want people to realise they have a “false” tooth. We’ll be glad grant this wish for you – quickly and reliably with the help of state-of-the-art 3D computer technology. The Cerec technology allows us to totally reconstruct a damaged tooth by creating a “clone” of its original, healthy state. The Cerec machines can create full-ceramic inlays, crowns, partial crowns and veneers that fit perfectly, are extremely firm and stable, and look natural – without annoying moulds, in just one single appointment.

How the Cerec 3D technology works:

  • The Cerec camera makes a 3D image of the tooth that is to be treated.
  • No moulds need to be made – a process many patients find quite uncomfortable.
  • The image of the tooth is then edited on a computer screen in such a way that the destroyed tooth is transformed into a perfectly healthy tooth. The patient can watch this initially virtual reconstruction from the comfort of their treatment chair.
  • Once the virtual results are ready, the data is sent to a CNC milling machine, which only takes a few minutes to mill a reproduction of the 3D computer image out of a ceramic block. This process creates perfectly fitting crowns, inlays and veneers.
  • The dental prosthesis is then fine-tuned by hand before being fitted.

The advantages of Cerec 3D at a glance:

  • Only one appointment for a dental prosthesis
  • No moulds
  • No temporary solutions
  • A perfect fit
  • Each tooth created individually
  • High durability and stability
  • Perfect colour blending to match the other teeth
  • A final result that looks and functions like a natural tooth

Interested in getting a dental prosthesis using Cerec 3D? Give us a call. We’ll be glad to advise you