Dental Implants - The perfect Imitation of a natural tooth

There are many reasons why people lose teeth. It can be through cavities, periodontitis, bone atrophy or accidents. And when a tooth is missing, every patient wants it to be replaced as quickly as possible. Dental implants are the most popular type of replacement, because they are the most natural – not only in terms of their great appearance, but also in terms of their function, which perfectly mimics that of a real tooth. Implants have their own root which grows into the jaw, which ensures perfect firmness and stability. A dental implant is completely “independent”, meaning even the adjacent teeth (e.g. in the case of bridges) do not need to be sanded or used for support. Dental implants are also completely inconspicuous. They function – and look – like real teeth. So anyone who opts for a dental implant will be opting for a perfect imitation of the tooth they lost – in its former healthy condition, of course.

Fitting an implant

The process of fitting an implant is virtually painless for patients, and is performed under local anaesthetic. Depending on the case, e.g. when fitting multiple implants at one time, the treatment may also be performed under general anaesthetic or procedural sedation. During the procedure, the titanium implant is placed in the jaw. This is then followed by a healing phase that lasts three to six months, in which the titanium screw is able to attach to and unite with the jaw bone. Once this has happened, an abutment is fitted onto the implant to support the ceramic crown, which looks identical to a natural tooth. The implant can take its place, optimally and subtly, between the remaining natural teeth.

At our practice:
Minimally invasive implantology

Virtually painless implants and a shorter healing phase

The Stuttgart dental practice offers its patients a particularly gentle approach to implants. The “minimally invasive implantology” method involves minimal surgery on the jaw bone to fit the implant. And the modern, high-quality implant system we use requires very little space to firmly unite with the bone. This allows your body to heal faster, meaning you’ll soon be able to bite down hard and smile brightly with your new implant.

Minimally invasive implantology – the advantages at a glance

  • Shorter healing phase due to minimal wound size
  • Bone grafting only necessary in the rarest of cases
  • Much less swelling after the procedure
  • Virtually painless treatment process
  • The softest, gentlest but also fastest implant process

Are you interested in a dental implant or do you want to learn more about minimally invasive implantology? We’ll be glad to advise you.