Inlays & crowns

Dental prostheses -
as perfect as nature itself

f a tooth has been damaged, e.g. by caries, it will need to be reconstructed once the caries has been treated. To achieve a natural result that not only looks perfect but also enables you to bite normally, our practice offers inlays, crowns and partial crowns made of tooth-coloured ceramic.
The size of the area to be reconstructed determines whether an inlay, partial crown or crown is used. An inlay is a custom-fit ceramic piece applied to small cavities. Partial crowns replace larger sections of the tooth, while crowns can replace an entire tooth. The latter two are also used to set implants.
Inlays, partial crowns or crowns are fitted as soon as the affected tooth has been successfully treated (e.g. fully rid of cavities) and undergone preparatory grinding.

Cerec 3D - Zero Moulding dental prosthesis in just one appointment

At our dental practice we work with Cerec 3D technology. This modern method substantially simplifies our work and saves a lot of time, while still delivering a perfect end result. All that is needed to generate the dental prosthesis is a photograph of the affected tooth after treatment; no imprint required. We use the photo to create a new, virtual tooth on the computer, with the data being forwarded to a milling machine. This machine quickly mills a 1:1 model of the computer template out of a ceramic block, meaning your dental prosthesis – be it an inlay, crown or partial crown – is ready in minutes, offers a 100% fit, and can be applied immediately. No moulds, no temporary solutions, and no long waits!

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