Oral surgery

Need to have your wisdom teeth removed? -
We offer fast, gentle and virtually pain-free assistance

Having wisdom teeth pulled is something many people have to go through. While it is unfortunately necessary for a large number of people, to prevent potentially serious problems later on, things can be made easier if this procedure is performed as quickly and as gently as possible. The Stuttgart dental practice specialises in oral surgery, and has a lot of experience in removing wisdom teeth. We use a minimally invasive method that doesn’t require major surgery. A streamlined wisdom-tooth-extraction process is made possible by the prior detailed analysis of the patient’s individual jaw structures. How big are the wisdom teeth? What is their exact position in the jaw? And what is the gentlest way of extracting each of them? This personalised analysis makes for an uncomplicated procedure, and ensures that you will soon forget you even had your wisdom teeth removed.

Minimally invasive wisdom-tooth removal -
the advantages

  • Very small wound size
  • Short procedure
  • Hardly any swelling or bleeding
  • Minimal risk of inflammation
  • Antibiotics rarely necessary
  • Virtually no pain afterwards
  • Very quick healing process

Want to learn more about wisdom teeth? Or want to have your wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic? We’ll be glad to advise you!