Nothing is better than ideal prevention

Prevention is of course the best medicine for anyone wanting to avoid dental treatment from the outset. At our practice, you’ll be greeted by a friendly, experienced prophylaxis team, who will help you keep your teeth healthy. We offer useful tips for optimal dental care at home, and give you the option of professional cleaning at regular intervals, because we want to avoid giving caries or germs even the slightest chance of getting comfortable in your mouth.

Professional cleaning process:

  • Teeth examined for cavities/other abnormalities
  • Thorough, gentle removal of soft and hard plaque using special instruments
  • Teeth, interdental spaces and periodontal pockets cleaned
  • Tooth surface polished and smoothed
  • Fluoride, calcium and phosphate treatment to protect against plaque acids
  • Tips for dental hygiene at home

Professional cleansing & bleaching -
the perfect duo for brilliant white teeth

Beautiful teeth shouldn’t just be healthy and clean; they should also, if possible, be white. Professional cleaning provides the perfect basis for subsequent bleaching, because the perfectly cleaned, smooth surface makes the subsequent whitening fantastically even. Combination appointments for professional cleaning and bleaching are very popular at our practice. With just one appointment, you too can enjoy the feeling of having a smile that is not just pleasantly clean, but brilliantly white.

Interested in professional teeth cleaning at our practice? Give us a call and make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you!