A dazzling Hollywood smile thanks to veneers

You’ve probably wondered how stars on the red carpet always have perfect teeth. They’re not crooked like so many “normal” people’s are. The answer lies in a thin layer of special ceramic placed over the teeth – known as a veneer. Veneers are a form of dental prosthesis that improves the aesthetics of teeth that are not naturally flawless. Slight incisor malposition, broken corners, gaps in the teeth or small/short teeth can all be corrected with perfectly fitting veneers. Veneers don’t just make for a dazzling Hollywood smile, they are also suitable for everyday use. High-quality veneers allow you to bite, chew and speak totally normally. They’re a dental prosthesis that not only looks nice and natural, but also functions like natural teeth.

Perfect veneers with Cerec 3D

With the help of Cerec 3D technology, we’re able to provide our patients with 100% custom-fit veneers within just a few hours. Using a photograph – removing the need for a mould – we work with you to create your new smile on the computer screen, meaning you can see in advance what you’ll look like with your new front teeth. And of course you can also help design them. If you like the virtual outcome, the data will be forwarded to a milling machine, which mills the veneers 1:1 out of a ceramic block the colour of which has been chosen beforehand. The result is a 100% fit that can be applied immediately. You’ll be thrilled with your new smile!

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